Our Project Process

Here are all the steps we go through in going from idea to product. We work with our clients on some or all of these steps. We meet them where they are.

Define Scope

Defining Scope

Start here!. We can start with a problem and work our way into a solution or start with a detailed drawing or CAD models. We need to know what needs to be included in a design and what does not.

Design & Prototype

Design & Prototype

Fun happens here! We into consideration all of the requirements and come up with our first solution. From there we refine until we have a working prototype to test.

Iterate & Validate

Iterate & Validate

What do you think? Our solution meets the harsh light and truth of the outside world. At this stage, we want to know what does and does not work and why. We then go back to prototyping until we have worked out all of the bugs.



Let's make something! We will take CAD or detailed drawings and make parts and assemblies until the product or solution is made.



Fly be free! Out in the world, it goes to be used, loved and hopefully taken for granted.

On Your Projects

We will start anywhere in the process you would or need us to.

Our Services

image of a note pad and computer


We can help you design cost effective solutions to everyday access problems.  Small to large and averything inbetween.

image of a 3d printed hand

3D Printing

We can print in a number of different colors and materials including PETG, Nilon, Flexable fiaments.

image of CNC end mills for cutting metal

CNC Milling

We can CNC mill parts to your specifications in multiple materials. We specialize in aluminum and plastic.

image of a lathe turning metal

CNC Turning

We can CNC turn parts to your specifications in multiple materials.  We specialize in aluminum and plastic.

image of a CNC router

CNC Routing

We can CNC route parts to your specifications in multiple materials. We specialize in wood and plastic.

image of vacumm formnig box, baby poweder and heat gun

Vacumm Forming

We can vacumm form a number of different types of plastics. We focus mainly on small sizes and thin mateirals.

image of wheelchair foot plate with mickey mouse pattern cut into it

Anodizing and Finishing

We can anodize aluminum and poweder coat many different material in a number of different colors. We provide tumbling and deburring services as well.

image of shelves with boxes on them

Inventory Management

We currently provide inventory management for a few clients. We specialize in small parts management.

image of an empty cardboard box from the top

Pick and Pack

We currently provide pick and pack, and shipping services to a few clients. We specialize in eBay and Amazon fulfillment.

How can we help you?

We would love to help you materialize your ideas.


702 W 32nd St
Houston TX 77018


Phone: 713-487-9875

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