Here is a list of the projects we have worked on, are working on, or would like to work on:

Wheelchair Projects

Multi Homepages

Anti-Tip Forward

Anti-Tip Backward

Bearing Pullers

Big Grips Handle Grips

Cup Holder

Custom Contoured Wheelchair Seat

Custom Footplates

Custom Push Handles

Lightweight Side Guards

Flip Up Lateral Supports

Visual Impairment

Responsive Design

Keyguard iPhone Case


Eating and Drinking

Textured Water Bottle Sleeve



Leather Bite Guards

Swim Floatation System


Seating Projects

Custom Contoured Wheelchair Seat

Svan Seat Modification

Toilet Seat Modification

Toilet Seat Table

Cup Holder for Special Needs Car Seat

Krabat Chair Modification

Custom Foam Chair



Dislexia Letter 3d Printing Project

Going to School All Digital Video Series

Other Assistive Technology Projects

These are projects we have been involved as well:


Future Projects

These are projects we would like to dedicate resources to in the future:

Human OS

Human Operating System

We would like to develop software to augment accessibility hardware integrate sensors systems like phone, navigation, proximity, pressure, communication to name a few. This middleware layer can be used to combined data from various platforms and devices into a common set of tools for the end user. For example, data from a wheelchair seating pressure sensor can be combined with humidity data to warn a user of potential skin irritation issues. Another example would be a proximity sensor worn on the body could be feed data to a cell phone navigation system for indoor navigation for the visually impaired.

Contact us to learn more.

Disability Lab Makerspace

Disability Makerspace

A physical makerspace would give direct access to people with disabilities the tools, learning, and community. This would result in A) speeding up the product design process B) build and strengthen our community members skills C) empowering our community.

Contact us to learn more.

Maker Wheelchair

FDA approved Maker Wheelchairs 

It is one thing to design wheelchairs and wheelchair parts, it is another to FDA approved. Wheelchair design is ripe for improvement.

Contact us to learn more.

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