Flip Up
Wheelchair Seating
Lateral Support

What was the challenge?

The Client Need

This client was stuggling with the their current designed lateral support.  It was either in the forward positoin or backwards.  While backwards it would get caught, they went throuth 5 supports before they contacted us.

Important Factors

Any solution need to flip up in a way that would not stick out the back.  The client envisioned a flip up solution and sent us drawings.


How could we protoype a solution when our shop was clear across the country from our cleint.

How did we solve it?

image of wheelchair flip up lateral support

Flip Up Lateral Support

The final design was made of aluminum, buffed and anodized to protect the part. Aluminum was chosen because of its strength to weight ratio.

Design and Prototyping

The client came to use with detailed drawings and a well developmed concepts.  We moched it up in CAD and printed one of two rounds of prototypes which were sent to them for testing.  Tweeks where made each round until we knew we were ready to cut in aluminum.  

Machining and Finishing

Once we had a design ready to be cut out of aluminum we turned to our CNC mill.  After cuttin the parts where buffed and then anodizied black to protect the aluminum  and increase the parts life span.

How we did it!

Tehcnology and Services used to create this solution:


3D Printing

CNC Milling

Anodizing & Finishing

What did it look like?

Here is what it looked like when we created this solution:

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