Custom Colorful
Wheelchair Footplates

What was the challenge?

The Client Need

This client wanted something special for their child's wheelchair. A little wheelchair bling.

Important Factors

Any solution needed to be as safe and durable as the original equipment. But unlike the original equipment, it could be customized and personalized to fit the end user's taste and personal style.


How can we design a custom footplate that was personalized but not let toes get caught in any holes that were too large?

How did we solve it?

image of custom wheelchair footplate with hearts cut into it

Custom Wheelchair Footplates

The final design was made of aluminum, buffed and anodized to protect the part. Aluminum was chosen because of its strength to weight ratio.

Design and Prototyping

We found that some designs were not good for small toes or just did not translate into cut aluminum. We did a number of experiments to find shapes and pattern them in a way that worked better than others.

Machining and Finishing

Once we had a design ready to be cut out of aluminum we turned to our CNC mill. After a few mistakes, the finished parts were buffed on a buffing wheel and then anodized various colors.

How we did it!

Tehcnology and Services used to create this solution:


Hand Finishing

CNC Milling


What did it look like?

Here is what it looked like when we created this solution:

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